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i value lending/seeking founding members

i value lending/seeking founding members

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Published 18 of February / 19:38hs
Province California
Locality Los Angeles
Advertiser: Anonymous

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Meaning of perpetual (adjective) never ceasing; continuous; eternal ...So long as you keep working the system given to you it will work for you 24/7!!! Perpetual income leverage! Multiple income streams...great for Avon, Mary Kaye, Stay-at-home-Moms. Add on for direct seller.
That is WHY we created ?ivaluelending.? A system that will work in Good Times and Bad Times is our reasoning behind being the next SERVICE CREATOR on the internet.
Fully automated system with a virtual back-office of suites for our community members,

Consumers will have the ability to go to a bulletin board platform and post lending needs.
Community members will be alerted they have a request for loan scenario. will offer community members multiple income streams.
Visit us and download our Ebook. Read what the experts say regarding our future and how you can prepare yourself and your family. NO EXP or LIC required. Perfect for the stay-at-home mom who is looking for PT work originating home loans. The only requirement is that you ?like? helping people. Visit us at