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Eviction Second Chance Apartment CPN NUMBER NATIONWIDE Available

Eviction Second Chance Apartment CPN NUMBER NATIONWIDE Available

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Published 15 of January / 05:38hs
Province California
Locality Del Norte
Advertiser: Natureal, Salesmarketing1
Phone: (866) 526-5846

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Are you seeking a new apartment, but you have an eviction? That really only leaves you a few places, and those may wish to have you bring in paystubs and other documentation that you might not have.

When it comes to moving into a new apartment: turning on utilities, cable and internet. Have you ever run into a problem with either of those?

You call to turn it on and they say that you need to put down a large deposit due to your credit. I can tell you that I have personally gotten an apartment (condo, actually) using my personal CPN and turned on utilities, cable and internet (phone too). I used my credit cards on my CPN to pay for those accounts.

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New car?

Rental Apartment?

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Credit Cards ?


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